Okay, this really bothered me so I decided to look it up and find where the fuck this article comes from and apparently it comes from here.

When I saw the image above I seriously started questioning if whomever wrote it even watched the movie at all or any Pixar movie at all in their entire life, because, really, what is even the point of this? Not to mention the erroneous presumption that a girl who isn’t girly by society’s standards is automatically gay. And I just wanted to bang my head against a wall because what the fuck did they smoke before writing this?

But apparently the header for this article is there just to get the attention since the article itself, seems to imply the opposite.

Thank God someone understands.

I think the point, not just in Brave, but in any Pixar or Disney movies, is that the moral of the movies can resonate with anyone. Cinderella’s follow your dream, motto, Ariel’s I do whatever the fuck I want etc can mean anything to anyone. To a gay person it may mean “I’ll follow my dream of making the world a more open minded place” just as well as to a kid it may mean “I will follow my dream and become an astronaut when I grow up”.

It’s not about sexuality, but it may be about it, so long as it resonates with your own personal beliefs and dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, married or not, adult, kid, writer, drunk, prostitute, black, white or whatever. You’re a person, an individual, and as such, if you have a dream - whatever it is - it can resonate with you. You make of that whatever you will.

YES! THANK YOU. Someone understands. Bless your brave soul.

Really, go read that article, it’s actually pretty good.

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    50 Shades of Brave. It’s okay, some people have realized how idiotic it is to care about Merida’s sexual orientation....
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