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I’m sorry, I know this has nothing to do with any of you, but I’m too pissed off right now and I need to take this out of my chest.

Today was the day of elections for mayor in all states in Brazil. Despite being prohibited to go out with shirts printed with the candidates and distributing pamphlets, nobody really cared to actually do anything, so here are pictures from many cities in Brazil to show just how well it works in Brazil. Mind you, these were all taken from my facebook. There are probably a million more on Twitter and Instagram since most people were using those to share pictures of their cities.

This is Brazil, not the nice tropical beach place with pretty women you see around. Very nice, huh? Oh, I almost forgot! We’re a tropical country so naturally it rains a lot all year. Guess what’s gonna happen when it starts raining and the water washes everything to the manholes?

Ok, proibido É e todo mundo sabe… mas que tal ao invés só da gente chorar não fazemos como um grupo em Curitiba que saiu limpando eles mesmos? 

Desculpa, mas é bom reclamar, mostrar que a merda acontece, mas fazer alguma coisa também é bem legal! Eu ADOREI a iniciativa dos Curitibanos e pode ter certeza que próximo ano eleitoral eu vou fazer o mesmo, nem que seja sozinha :D

Sem dúvidas! Agir é bom sim, mas desabafar também, e no momento, é disso que preciso.

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    Sem dúvidas! Agir é bom sim, mas desabafar também, e no momento, é disso que preciso.
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