midorimaseyelashes: hi there! i hear you've got a bunch of staryus on your hands.. might i help you out? haha ; u;

Woah, words spread fast! :D

No but seriously, I’m curious, how did you find out about that? Did I post it here and can’t remember? xD

Yeah, I got a bunch of 6 IV Staryu left from a shiny breeding. Would you like me to nickname it for ya?

Anonymous: i know who you are...you're bella-clover ((i honestly don't know what my purpose is in telling that to you)) haha i just wanna talk to you since im probably one of your really really old followers and i honestly have no intention of unfollowing you since you're so great and admirable. have a nice day!

Okay, the beginning was a little creepy, but then I kept reading and


Seriously, thank you so much for taking some time to write me this because I’m so happy now. Sometimes I wonder about some of my oldest followers and I remember I’ve been on tumblr for 5 years now and I wonder if some them have deactivated their account and aren’t or tumblr anymore. I keep wondering if they even log into tumblr anymore. So reading this gave me a little bit more hope. ;u; Thank you so much!!!


Anonymous: i cant tell if youre being sarcastic on that lion post because it's fake or because you actually believe it

Neither? I just thought it looked adorable regardless of whether or not it’s a shampoo ad.

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godsboundbyrules: Wingull bows in that scene too. I wouldn't necessarily say he didn't care, though I could see Wingull merely having respect for Jiao fighting with them and being a stronghold for them. I think Wingull comments on it later about how the Chimerad's strength is diminished with Jiao gone. I would have loved to see more interaction between the Chimirad members in the game.

Ah, you’re right! I didn’t notice it before asdfghjkl;

I’m not too sure about Wingul caring for any of the chimeriad members though. There are points in the game where I even wondered if Wingul even actually cared for Gaius or if what he said about respecting him as the true king was just a façade.

(Though in the end he did die for Gaius, so I guess he really did care for him, but I really wonder if Wingul was doing what he did for Gaius or if he was doing it for himself. He did mention he could only either opose Gaius or submit to him and the way he said it made it seem like he felt obligated to submit or he would’ve died, not that he became his right hand of his own free will. He’s kinda really complex. Or I didn’t understand it. Maybe I should play again.)

He does say that, but I think he simply meant that the Chimeriad was weaker with Jiao gone (he was a damn tank and Wingul had no way to deny it), not that he necessarily cared for Jiao. That’s just how I perceived it though, but I haven’t played it in a long time so I could be wrong, don’t take my word for granted or anything.

charbokbok: Dusk Ball!

Night owl! =u=/

I always go to bed past midnight and wake up every week day at 5:30 am to go to college. Before I left my job this was tough, but now I take naps in the afternoon to replenish the lack of sleep from previous night. It’s not ideal, but it’s how my biological clock works.

roykh: Luxury Ball, GO!!!!

Oh damn. ouo~ Assuming it’s not necessarily related to pokémon? My guilty pleasure is shipping some incest pairings. I feel horrible about it. OTL


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feranelia: Red/Green =u=

You… You did this on purpose, didn’t you? D< You can’t make me have lots of feels by talking about them on facebook and than asking me this.


I’ll get my revenge, you’ll see! *shakes fist*

Ahem. This is long and contains NSFW talk, so it’s under a cut.

Ooh boy. This ship. This motherfucking ship. I could answer a meme like this made entirely of NSFW activities AND YOU KNOW IT BECAUSE YOU’RE HALF OF THE REASON I COME UP WITH THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.


Because I love them this much. Number one OTP right here.

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The two cute dorks make me feel things. ;w; And this is totally an AU where Leia managed to save Agria and they go live together in Fenmont or whatever okay *sobs*

who cooks normally?:

Leia! She loves to cook, a trait she picked up from her parents.Plus Agria loves to eat, so they’re a perfect match. Agria says it “tastes just like the filth you are!”, Leia puffs and gets angry, but Agria keeps eating so Leia beams at her.

how often do they fight?:

Pretty often, though more often than not they’re mock fights staged by Agria, in which she purposely pisses Leia off. Just because. Leia always falls for the taunt and gets mad at her in return. Their more serious fight involves Leia running away to clear her thoughts (maybe going back to Leronde to help her mother at the inn? Busying herself at the inn really helps). Eventually she doesn’t even remember why she was mad in the first place and comes back with a smile. Agria can’t miss the opportunity to mess with her and shout about how her smile reeks and she’s scum, but Leia shrugs and hugs her anyway. It’s nice to be home.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Leia is usually at her mother’s inn helping around whenever possible. This usually happens when she’s mad and doesn’t want to talk to Agria or look at her, or when Agria is back in Kanbalar to attend her duties as part of the Chimeriad. Agria is only away from Leia when she has to go back to Kanbalar and then she focuses only on the mission and doesn’t think about home/Leia at all. The only time to think about her is when she’s over and done with her mission.

nicknames for each other?:

Aside from Agria calling Leia things like eyesore and little pimple? Nope. :D

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

Agria is more likely to pay Leia for making her delicious food with her body. I mean, probably Agria because Leia prefers to cook, so when they do eat out, It’s Agria treating her (with excuses of “I can’t stand your crappy, stinking food anymore so we’re going out, eyesore.”)

who steals the covers at night?:

Leia. Agria gets back at her by kicking her out of the bed.

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Agria gets her pretty weird things like a wooden clock shaped like a rappig, or some dress that looks awful but surprisingly looks good on Leia. It’s usually out of the blue too and Leia is always surprised. Leia does what she does best: she cooks. If it’s a special occasion, she’ll cook something different that she knows Agria will love. When it’s not cooking, than it’s usually simple gifts like a necklace. Agria never wears anything Leia gets her on her body directly, but sometimes Leia finds the jewel that was attached to that necklace hanging from Agria’s sword, or that earring she got Agria last year? Hangs from the skirt of her dress, hidden between the layers.

who remembers things?:

Agria, though she never tells. Leia can only remember her birthday and Agria’s but never other special dates like when they started dating or holidays. Agria doesn’t mind, dates aren’t exactly meaningful to her either way.

who cusses more?:

Agria, though Leia can swear a bit if Agria makes her really mad (which will likely get Agria to laugh at her and point it out which will only make her madder).

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

Leia worries endlessly. She won’t leave Agria’s side until she’s better. Agria even pretends to get better just so Leia will leave her alone for two seconds. When Leia gets hurt or sick, Agria avoids staying in the same room as her. Leia will usually stay in bed and Agria will stay in the living room, but Leia knows Agria worries because Agria doesn’t talk. Like, at all. The house goes silent. And whenever Agria is not cussing, pointing fingers at Leia and calling her names, it means Agria is serious. Leia has woken up in the middle of the night once to find Agria in her room placing a glass of water next to her bed. It’s enough for Leia to know that she cares.

who kissed who first?:

Agria did the thing. After returning to Leronde Leia kept visiting Agria in an attempt to get her to do something good in her life like studying in Fenmont’s medical school, which is something Leia assumed Agria would be good at. Agria had no idea where that came from, plus there was no way she would leave the Chimeriad, so after getting pissed off at Leia’s incessant whining about it, she started to piss off Leia in return, hoping that she would leave her alone. It didn’t happen. One day, during their usual bickering, Agria laughed at her and her pathetic way to always try and make something good out of everything and when Leia replied with “What’s wrong with that?”, Agria kissed her on a whim and laughed some more at Leia’s priceless face afterwards.

"Well, try to make something good out of that, eyesore." And she was gone to leave Leia to think about what the hell just happened.

who made the first move?:

Leia. After the kiss she couldn’t stop thinking about it and what prompted Agria to do it, even though it was obvious Agria didn’t think anything of it. Leia believed there was more to it though. So she confronted Agria about it eventually. Naturally she didn’t manage to get anything out of Agria, but since they were at it… Leia then started courting her by bringing her food from her inn in an attempt to befriend Agria. Somehow, after a long, long time of trying, it eventually worked.

who started the relationship?:

Neither. They just sort of happened. Leia eventually managed to get Agria to go to Fenmont (though she still refuses to attend school) and Agria kinda wouldn’t tay unless Leia was around, so before they knew it, they were kinda together.

Anonymous: How about Lloyd/Colette/Zelos~?

Oh sweet lord, this OT3 is adorbs and now I have feels. <3

who cooks normally?:

Oh, they all try, that’s for sure. Sometimes Zelos wants to impress them with his awesome non-existent ~cooking skills~ but whenever that happens Colette gets restless and Lloyd gets worried because they just know sooner or later the house might be on fire. It happened. Once. Zelos doesn’t like to talk about it. Colette wants to cook something easy every once in a while. She’s attempted to try harder recipes a couple of times before, but once the others learned the recipes had been taught by Raine, they set them on fire and reassured her they’d find something else for her to learn. Lloyd is the worst of all three, he can’t even make a sandwich, so whenever he has the urge to cook, the other two casually distract him with sex something else. At the end of the day it’s Sebastian who saves them from hunger.

how often do they fight?:

Not often at all. Sometimes Colette gets trapped in bittersweet moments from her Journey and Lloyd has to bring her back to reality by the only way he knows how.


With Zelos it’s worse because he has both the memories of his mother and his traitorous act to think about. Usually it’s bad remarks he makes at himself, kinda punishing himself for it and laughing it off (to which Lloyd and Colette will share worried looks, but try to ignore), but on the rare occasion he can be a pain in the ass and refuse to go back to reality and keeps hurting himself with more and more bad memories (and although he doesn’t admit it, he starts wondering if Colette and Lloyd really trust him and/or if they’re happy around him, which just makes everything worse), and then it can get pretty nasty. The first times Lloyd tried to get through to him by beating him up. It didn’t work and it only pissed the both of them more, plus made Colette worried. After a while Lloyd learned the best way to deal with Zelos’ problems was to just let Zelos talk and talk and take everything from his chest without saying a word. Eventually he’d calm down.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Zelos likes to take some time for himself. He feels suffocated if he stays with the two of them for so long (and that can bring bad memories back again), so in order to cool down and avoid reaching critical moments (like getting trapped in the past and having Lloyd and Colette worrying about him) and repeat the cycle, he goes out, finds something to do, maybe a job, maybe just drift around until he feels he’s been away for too long and finally return. Colette and Lloyd are hardly away from each other, but they both have their alone moments as well. Lloyd likes to go back to Dirk’s house and stay a couple of weeks or months with his dad, just like the old times, and pretend it’s just the two of them in the entire world (plus, he’s gotta pay a visit to his mother too). Colette also comes back to Iselia often, but doesn’t stay for long. More often than not, she likes to visit Sheena, Raine and Genis, Regal and Presea to see how they’re all doing.

nicknames for each other?:

Aside from Zelos calling they both “hunny <3”, they call each other by their names.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

Pffft, no one because they’re all broke and didn’t get paid for saving the world anyway. Even though Zelos is filthy rich and likes to treat them sometimes, Lloyd kinda hates it, so in the end they all either eat at home or go to an inn/bar and split.

who steals the covers at night?:

Pffft, more like, Lloyd kicks the covers away and Zelos and Colette snuggle each other under them before Lloyd can kick them out too.

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Lloyd would likely make jewels like the one he did for Colette’s birthday (Zelos and Colette absolutely love it). Colette likes to get them accessories like a new pair of gloves of a nice scabbard. Zelos tries to get something nice for them, but he always searches high and low for nice gifts and never finds anything suitable for them so he offers them his body I MEAN, THEY JUST GO OUT. Yeah. That. Naturally.

who remembers things?:

Colette. She’s the brains of the house and never forgets anything. Lloyd always forgets everything. Zelos remembers some things, but pretends not to.

who cusses more?:

Zelos. At some point Lloyd picks up the habit but Colette reprimands him (and then Dirk kicks his butt), so he stops eventually. Better to leave that for Zelos after all.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

Omfg, no. I don’t want to think about this. ;A; But when it happens Zelos hugs the hell out of them in an attempt to make it hurt less, whether it’s physical wounds or not.


If Zelos is the one to get hurt, then he hides it from the other two. Colette is more perceptive and notices it sometimes. She attempts to get him to talk about it when they’re alone. Lloyd almost never notices these things and Colette respect his wishes of not wanting to share his problems with anyone else (Lloyd included). In the end she just hugs him as well, and maybe plays with his hair, caressing it, which always makes him feel better.

who kissed who first?:

Omg, I have no idea. There are so many possibilities! Maybe Colette and Lloyd? I have this idea that Zelos tried to play matchmaker for the both of them and so he pretended to be into Colette to make Lloyd hurry and confess to Colette soon. It sort of works. Zelos doesn’t see Colette shying away from him (which is weird, this shouldn’t be happening because she’s supposed to love Lloyd), and he doesn’t see Lloyd getting jealous either, so he believes his plan failed. Until he eventually walks in on the two of them sharing an intimate moment and he’s thrilled because yay, they’re together! But well, then Colette and Lloyd don’t stop flirting with him and he’s confused and things happen??? idk. I don’t think they know it either. If you ask each of them this question they’ll probably remember different things and tells different stories too.

who made the first move?:


Lloyd has awesome flirting skills just as awesome as his sandwich making skills.

who started the relationship?:

Zelos, accidentaly. He tried to get Lloyd and Colette together. What he got was Lloyd and Colette together onto him. Not bad.


Anonymous: Hi there! I know it's been so long but I really love your "In My Arms" video years ago with Yuna and Auron. I can't find it online anymore and wanted to ask you if you still had it or if there was any way I can watch it again? It was incredibly edited and the story you provided was just lovely. I miss it and I would love to see it again. Thank you!

Thank you very much! It means a lot to me that people still think about it to this day haha. Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore and that’s why I haven’t been able to reupload it I lot of the videos I had then were lost when I changed computers and that was one of those. I’m sorry about that.

Anonymous: For Anise I just don't like how the party easily forgave her, while Luke had to bust his ass to get back their trust. Anise knew what she was doing and Luke didn't. I never thought it was fair and it's always been something I hate about ToTA. Plus her wishing death on Luke is something I've never gotten over. I think Anise is adorable but those two facts just smears her in my eyes. I don't hate her but I just can't get over it no matter how hard i try.

This is something I hear a lot in the fandom, like, A LOT, and it just doesn’t make sense to me at all because Luke was a responsible adult* and did what he did of his own free will**.

Anise on the other hand was a child who was being blackmailed and this is something that was made obvious the moment she betrayed the party (with Mohs making her follow him around and the party seeing Anise’s parents caged inside Mt. Zaleho), so it’s obvious to everyone that Anise didn’t have a choice there and she chose a course of action that she hoped would be the best one (and it actually was because she would have been able to save her parents AND Ion that way if Ion hadn’t decided to sacrifice himself to save Anise, her parents and Tear). Honestly, if anyone gave Anise a hard time after that they’d be hypocrites and fucking assholes.

Anise and Luke were two completely different cases, they have NOTHING in common, so there’s no reason whatsoever to compare the two situations. Luke didn’t betray the party and he wasn’t being blackmailed. Anise didn’t kill 10000 people, destroyed a huge city and caused part of the planet to fall to the Qliphoth.

Both events are completely unrelated and have absolutely nothing in common, I don’t even get how people can compare these two situations.

*Yeah, we know Luke is 7, but the party didn’t at the time, so to everyone else, he was a full grown adult capable of taking responsibility for his actions.

**He didn’t, Van was controlling him, we know all that, but the party didn’t, therefore in the party eyes’ Luke was to blame and he got what he deserved.

cisbronies: anise is 13 too like what do you expect a 13 year old girl to do when her superior blackmails her with her parents safety??? she's a child i don't understand anise haters


Anonymous: So, this is /completely/ random, but what sources did you use in your "Until We Bleed" TotA video (sorry, I know that was forever ago)? I'd love to know what dj (if any) you got some of that art from. Thanks!

No worries! The doujinshis you’re looking for are: Sunlit World, Journey’s End and Kiss in the Dark, They’re all pretty amazing! X3

orangespeck: I think I came to the conclusion that Lloyd's hair was probably some sort of undercut, but his stupid pigtails still confuse me

YEAH! I mean, the front is weird, but passable I guess, but then Lloyd turns around and I just

Anonymous: what's your fav female tos character design/outfit then?

From Symphonia it has to be Colette’s. I like the blue/white contrast on her clothes and I like the design overall, it’s really cute. I don’t like Sheena’s, but it’s less about the cleavage and more about the pink/purple combination that really hurts my eyes. Presea’s is adorable but her design is too simple to compare to the rich details of Colette’s for example. Martel’s design is really, really good, but she’s Okumura’s, not Fujishima’s. Raine’s probably my least favorite, there’s not an ounce of equilibrium in her entire outfit, which is why she more often than not was wearing different costumes during my playthroughs.

Tbh Symphonia’s one of my least favorite designs in the Tales series overall. The red/pink in Zelos, Lloyd’s terrible costumes, ugh, GENIS. FUCKIGN REGAL. I really, REALLY love Fujishima’s designs, but Symphonia was like, the dark age of Fujishima’s designs or something.

I perfer Fujishima’s Abyss and Vesperia costumes a LOT more. They’re both more mature and they make SENSE.