Episode 13 of 02 was written by Chiaki J. Konaka, who later wrote the entire plot for Tamers, as a guest writer. That explains a lot of things about this episode and why it's so different from the other 49 episodes.

Yes, I’ve heard of it! It also explains why the mood in Tamers is also different from the other Digimon seasons.

I'm not sure if you know. But there is whole chain of games which tells more about Ken's and Wormmon's relationship. Ken and Ryo saved the world together, and because of that Ken had the dark seed in him.

I only know about the existence of it, but not about anything in it (I looked it up the moment I saw the Ryo cameo in Ken’s flashbacks). Though to be honest, unless I can find translated material of it, it’s very unlikely that I’ll get to know it better. :<

I’m kind hoping 03 will at the very least highlight the important points so I don’t feel entirely lost.

Also, some stuff that you may find "unexplained" was already explained in CD Dramas and especially in Wonderswan games. Since those material never was released outside Japan, the fandom tends to not consider canon. I suggest you to take a look in those extra material (+ the original movies, please. The're better than "Digimon: The Movie", if you like good development)

Ah, thank you! I’ll definitely check those out after finishing rewatching 02.

It’s a shame a LOT of Digimon content never crossed seas. I’m honestly surprised we even got some of the movies in the first place.

If you're still watching 02, I'll you about how this season had a bunch of contradictions because of two head writers. An example is Daisuke's lines from episode 21 & 26. On ep 21, he says exactly what he heard from the crest; and on ep 26, he says he didn't understand what the crest wanted. Also, the development of the good guys (Daisuke, Miyako, Iori) was terrible because on head writer, while the other did the good and awesome things (Ken, Oikawa, etc). But 02 is still my favorite season.

Yeah, I’m aware. Still sucks that we don’t get the answers to many different things though :’D

And yup, I agree, 02 is still the best. I think 01 had a better overall plot and a better cast, but I can’t help but fall in love more with 02’s darker plot and Davis’ and Ken’s hardships. I just love 02 more, even if I think both are great.

ok lets talk abt how Rin sees Nitori & how is not that different from Seijurou as u say in ur post? media,tumblr,com/d5c8d8823eff30545455488df86984d5/tumblr_inline_n9pb30kqAP1ssfqi4,png this was abt Nitori, Rin /has/ some faith in him and after Mikoshiba say he improved, Rin smiles & says something like he was working hard, or that is all thanks to his works, I don't remember. the point is that Rin actually is very positive abt Nitori too, the dif is that its been a while since Mikoshiba saw him

Yup, I agree. Even after Sousuke mentioned that Nitori would not be able to participate in the relay with his time, Rin knew it to be true, but still believed that he’d work hard to accomplish his goal if he wanted to.

And Nitori clearly wanted to, which is why

Rin has immense faith in Nitori’s capabilities, which he should because he is the captain, but also because he’s well aware that Nitori can still push his limits harder.


I… played Vesperia a long time ago, and I’ve already forgotten a lot about it so this will sound very incomplete and superfluous. But here we go.

Why I like them: She’s a very determined person. Judith takes no shit from no one and doesn’t let other’s thoughts interfere with her mission. Her friendship and loyalty to Ba’ul is also something amazing.

Why I don’t: She really could’ve had more character growth, or have been integrated in the plot better.

Favorite episode/scene: Trading punches with Yuri, oh man I loved that scene.

Favorite line:

Favorite outfit: Normal outfit.

OTP: Judith/Yuri.

Non-romantic OTP: Judith/Estelle.


Unpopular opinion:

A wish for them:

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them: … Ba’ul dying. D: Judith’s bond with Ba’ul is something akin to that of Duke and Elucifer’s and look at what that shit did to him.

5 words to best describe them: Queen of my fucking heart.

My nickname for them:

Strongly advise that you take what3ever "ultraericthered" says with a grain of salt, he's known for making sweeping generalizations to those who dislike Iris because of his extreme bias towards her and acts like he knows what some writers all the way in Japan who don't speak any English think. Just be really mindful when listening to his rants, that's all.

I had no idea, thank you for telling me this! Should always be cautious when talking about the pokégirls, that’s for sure.

That said, while I definitely don’t think Serena being written the way she is is solely because of Iris, I also wouldn’t put it past the writers if it was one of the reasons considering everything. But not because of an “apology” to fans, but because since we already had someone who already was battle dominant, then it’s time to have someone different from that. At least, that’s how it always struck me with the female traveling companions at least (May didn’t know what she wanted in life - > Dawn knew perfectly well what she wanted -> Iris was battle ready (and not into contests) -> Serena isn’t battle ready).

Which, mind you, I don’t think is bad, nor do I think makes one better than the other. I do think it makes them different, which is actually very nice. But it also strikes sadness considering all of them had flaws and/or went through hardships that flashed their character better prior the 40th episode mark and Serena… didn’t. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe out of all of them Iris was the one that bloomed the latest, with her rival showing up only in BW033 and her first (on-screen) captured Pokémon being only in BW024, which is already pretty late in the series… and Serena not only managed to break these records, there’s also absolutely no foreshadowing, piece of information, merchandising or what have you that would reassure us she will ever get one of those, or better yet, both.)

Anyway, I derailed. Thanks for the warning, I’ll keep that in mind.

In regards to the Dark Ocean episode, there was a lot of poor writing in the series mostly due to the many directors and writers trying to wrestle in their own plot, leading to quite a few loose ends on dropped storylines. There were Wonderswan games in Japan that kind of set the story for the beginning of the series, but unfortunately too many of the writers wanted to go a different way and we ended up with a hodgepodge of a series. I'm hoping Dark Ocean stuff gets resolved in the new season.

Uhum, I can see that. This is surprisingly commom in children’s show, especially when it reaches the 24+ episodes mark (see: Pokémon, Doraemon, Super Pig, etc), so I’m not really surprised. Digimon being not only a big franchise, but also having so many episodes per season, I already expect it to have lose ends and smaller plot points that won’t be touched again ever, will be forgotten or will get a lousy explanation.

But the stuff about the Dark Ocean was really weird. Mostly because you can tell it’s not a filler episode due to how many new concepts it introduces, despite acting like a filler episode in which nothing gets resolved, the plot doesn’t move on (or relationship between character don’t change).

And I agree, it would be really great if they would come back and try to explain what episode 13 was all about, though I wouldn’t get my hopes up about it tbh.

That said, that episode was something straight out of a japanese horror movie, so if they decide to go back to it, I just hope it won’t be as creepy, haha.

I didn't understood that episode either, it was... super awkward? Worst part is that anything gets solved, weird.

Yeah, I have no idea what happened. I still don’t get what the point in showing the sea monster and its underlings was. It gets creepier when you consider that they weren’t actually in danger, they willingly kidnapped Kari while making it look like it wasn’t their fault, just so she would “save” them, and in the end, they returned to the sea as if nothing had happened and Kari and T.K. moved on with their lives.

Aside from Gatomon being able to digivolve into Angewomon despite the lack of her ring, the big plot didn’t move on at all… and it still wasn’t like other filler episodes (like the wild west episode) in which literally nothing happened. It’s like they wanted something big to happen in that episode and in the end it didn’t.

I still don’t understand how, all of a sudden, Kari felt really sad and walked with her head down as if something bad had happened, or as though she had been troubled by something. There was literally nothing that led to that, she quite simply woke up feeling like that (which is a depression syndrome, but Kari very clearly isn’t depressed).

Couple with how weirdly that episode was directed (long paused silence scenes, T.K. yelling at Kari, Davis not giving a flying fuck about her existence, the many desaturated shots…. idk man, that episode was creepy. I have no other word to describe it.

I still don’t understand what that episode wanted to convey and that really, really bugs me.


Why I like them: Really smart, fun girl. Has a few lose screws, but hey, who doesn’t? I honestly like Pascal a lot.

Why I don’t: Wish she had been better integrated to the story. Other than doing a couple tech stuff for the party, she had no relevance in the plot whatsoever. Coupled with her nonexistent reason to be with the party to begin with, you can tell she was added at a last minute call late in development. Which is really, really sad because Pascal is a gem.

Favorite episode/scene: The whole thing with Fourier. While I adore Pascal’s for her bright smiles and her power to make the others around her feel better, it was interesting to find out she too had worries and that sometimes being the brightest can hurt others.

Favorite line: Can’t think of one right now OTL

Favorite outfit: Normal outfit.

OTP: Don’t really have one for her tbh. Pascal/Sophie? Pascal/Fourier, I guess?

Non-romantic OTP: Pascal/Asbel and Pascal/Malik.

Headcanon: *cracks knuckles* Ahem, #11.

Unpopular opinion: I absolutely love her voice.

A wish for them: A nobel prize! Or the Ephinea/Fodra equivalent.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them: Fourier gets ill and slowly dies. Pascal has to live with the fact that she watched her sister die in pain and all the wisdow and knowledge she possessed wasn’t enough to make a powerful enough medicine for her. She had to let her sister die.

5 words to best describe them: Hella crazy, cutiepie, intelligent, surprisingly understanding, carefree.

My nickname for them:


Why I like them: ACTUAL GODDESS. Displays incredible logical skills where understanding skills fail her (thanks to her lack of interaction with other people, and not for a lack of trying). Incredibly kind towards those around her, always willing to help. Selfless, determined, funny. Will go great lengths for both those around her and to accomplish her own goals (see: denying the choice to become a normal human to become Maxwell). She’s so devoted!

Why I don’t: There’s literally nothing not to love about Milla, she’s perfect the way she is.

Favorite episode/scene: Giving a big fuck you to Maxwell aka God aka her creator aka the man who lied to her and made her believe she had a grand mission by actually embracing said mission and make it her own and succeeding and becoming the new Maxwell. Best. proxy. ever.


Favorite outfit: The white/blue one from Xillia 2.

OTP: Milla/Jude is my savior.

Non-romantic OTP: Milla/Leia aka cute BFF.

Headcanon: Threesomes with Jude and Alvin in every inn they’ve been to through their journey, what do you mean this isn’t canon???

Unpopular opinion: Not entirely sure how unpopular this is… but she definitely should’ve been the only protagonist.

A wish for them: That Milla and Jude breed like rats and produce many children that survive childbirth.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them: Well, she literally died for her friends… and her goal separates her from both the group and Jude in the end… there’s not much worse that could happen after that. :’D

5 words to best describe them: Strong, collected, beautiful, amazing, dedicated.

My nickname for them: Queen of my heart.

Oh oh, May from Kaleido Star!

Why I like them:BECAUSE OF EVERYTHING??? May is dedicated and determined, she’s funny and adorable, also reliable and helpful (teaching her younger brothers to fight, helping Rosetta for the Swan Lake performance). Also she drives Sora forward in a good way and I love that.


Favorite episode/scene: EPISODE 44, LAUNCHING AN AMAZING SMILE.







Favorite outfit: As odile from The Swan Lake performance. I loooove her costume in that episode.

OTP: May/Sora is canon, you can’t convince me otherwise.

Non-romantic OTP: May/Rosetta. Their friendship is so important lateron.

Headcanon: Actually comes up with a “kid stage” of her own prior to completely befriend Sora just because she wants to compete with Sora. :’D

Unpopular opinion: … The fact that I love May is pretty unpopular in and of itself, considering the amount of hate she gets from the fandom already.

A wish for them: That she one day get to perform with Layla (and no Sora as a third wheel). Even if she eventually comes to terms with the fact that she’ll never be able to due to Layla’s injury, I want to believe she can. If Layla can train for Odette’s role on the stage, than she sure can perform with May at least once.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them: Please don’t ever get so dedicated to someone again that you’ll risk getting another shoulder broken, you’re better than that May.

5 words to best describe them: Funny, dynamic, amazing, lovely, determined.

My nickname for them:


Why I like them: Precious selfless bby that does everything she can to save the world she loves so much. She’s determined and understanding. She’s an actual angel.

Why I don’t: Her relationship with other characters that aren’t Lloyd is reaaaally weak. I wanted to see more of Colette interacting with Sheena and Zelos. She says she wants to befriend Sheena, but we never actually see the development towards that goal, we quite simply see Sheena already giving up on her goal to kill Colette prior to returning to Tethe’alla just because she witnessed Colette doing good and how precarious Sylvarant is. Same with Zelos, he says “we chosen should stick together”, but other than a couple of dialogue (many of which aren’t actually plot relevant or dynamic in terms of relationship development), they barely interact at all. And than there’s Genis, Raine and most importantly Kratos….

Favorite episode/scene: Tbh it’s quite to think of one considering all her important scenes are related to Lloyd somehow and are less of Colette scenes and more main character development scenes (“I’ll regenerate the world for you”, Colette learns Judgement, Colette protects Lloyd in the human ranch, fanoir scene, etc)… I do like her (very few) moments with Kratos prior to reaching the Tower of Salvation. Honestly wished there was more of them.

Favorite line: Damn, none comes to mind when I try to think about it. It’s been a while since I played Symphonia too.

Favorite outfit: Normal outfit.

OTP: Colette/Zelos.

Non-romantic OTP: Kratos/Colette. (okay, maybe it’s a little romantic)

Headcanon: She has more individual growth after the end of the game rather than “growing for the sake of the main character’s man pain”. I have yet to play Dawn of the New World so I have no idea if this becomes true or not, so for the time being it’s a headcanon.

Unpopular opinion: Despite Colette/Lloyd not being actually canon, I still wish it had been less “in your face” like it was with Sheena’s unrequited crush on Lloyd.


An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them: Please don’t ever let yourself be driven dumb characters like Lloyd again, you’re better than that my precious bby.

5 words to best describe them: Truthful, friendly, beautiful, powerful… I can never think of 5 OTL.

My nickname for them: precious angel bby

Every time i catch a pidgey i name it zelos. Just wanted to say that. Yur post talking aboot zelos reminded me why i always name pidgey zelos.



Why I like them: Despite putting on a façade and trying to hide behind carefree-like way his true intentions, Zelos is actually a pretty transparent, honest guy (see: Flanoir scene).

Why I don’t: Trying to hide behind a mask, even if it was just so he could spy on the group for Mithos/die so he could free Seles from the burden of being the chosen’s sister. He needed help. Lloyd and the others offered to help. He still refused (because he didn’t trust them).

Favorite episode/scene: Flanoir sceeeeeene~

Favorite line: “Accidentally” calling Lloyd hun in the English translation (since it’ds apparently default int he Japanese version).

Favorite outfit: Formal outfit.

OTP: Zelos/Lloyd.

Non-romantic: OTP: Zelos/Colette.

Headcanon: He dies during the fight against Lloyd.

Unpopular opinion: Hmm… Don’t think I have one. Not one regarding himself at least, but I dislike his relationship with Sheena and wish it had been more flashed out in the story since, apparently, they wanted to make them an item in the OVAs. I also dislike how the fandom seems to believe their bickering and the way Zelos constantly nagged Sheena prior to meeting the group are proof of their allegedly love for each other, despite the fact that Sheena has no second meanings behind the way she says he used to annoy her all the time. But that’s even less a Zelos thing and more a fandom unpopular opinion.

A wish for them: That he can free himself from the “chosen” burden. Be it by succeeding in defeating Mithos or dying.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them: Get separated from lloyd and Colette. They mean the world to him. Thinking about it makes me sad.

5 words to best describe them: Charming, annoying, powerful, deceitful.

My nickname for them: