Anonymous: Does someone here said, Kaleido Star? They aired it in my country, and I really loved it!!!



Kaleido Star is hella awesome!

Anonymous: For the fandom thing, do mass effect aaaand tales of xillia?

Certainly! <3

Mass Effect:

Favourite Female: SO MANY ASDFGHJKL; But I really have to go with FemShep because she isn’t just a nice character, she’s inspiring. I really do love her above anyone else. She’s someone that means so much to me, clichéd as it sounds. ;u;

Favourite Male: GARRUS FUCKING VAKARIAN. No joke, when I started playing ME and was a total noob who didn’t know anything about the series (I didn’t even know you could romance other characters), I was talking to a friend of mine who had played about how, the moment I saw Garrus for the first time, when he was still just a plain Citadel security guard, befoe even dreaming of joining the party, I paused the game and took a picture and sent my friend the picture saying “I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM, WHAT DO I DO??” he replied with “don’t romance anyone in the first game and you can date his ass in 2” and I kid you not, I fangirled loudly. It doesn’t help that once you do get to know Garrus and he joins the party, he’s an absolute adorable dork.

3 Other Favourite Characters: Liara because precious bby and also really badass, Tali because of her loyalty/confidence and finally captain Anderson because shiiiit, he made me cry a lot in all games, he’s so fucking precious oh lord.

3 OTPs: FShep/Garrus; FShep/Liara and (F)Shep/Tali

Notp: FShep/Kaidan. I know it’s strong and they’re almost canon, but I have a hard time seeing them more than siblings for some reason.

Funniest character: JAVIK OH LORD

Prettiest character: Liara is the cutest

Most Annoying Character: It took me a long time to like Kaidan, so him I guess. I do like him better now.

Most badass character: Fshep, no questions


Female Character I’d Marry: FShep

Male Character I’d Marry: Garrus

Character I hate/dislike/least like: Henry Lawson. Miranda’s dad is horrible

Tales of Xillia

Favourite Female: MILLA, SHE’S THE QUEEN OF MY HEART. She was my favorite from when the game was still in its production stage and I wasn’t disappointed with the final game, she’s still perfection and I love her to death

Favourite Male: Gaius. I can’t explain how awesome an antagonist and a parallel to Milla (and by extension, Jude), he is. I just love him lots.

3 Other Favourite Characters: Leia, Rowen and Jude because all precious bbys

3 OTPs: MILLA/JUDE LIKE BUUUURNING. But also Jude/Gaius and Agria/Leia

Notp: Jude/Leia. Sorry, Leia is too precious, she deserves better than some stupid childhood crush that hindered her


Prettiest character: Elize <3

Most Annoying Character: Wingul gets on my nerves sometimes, but I don’t really hate him or anything of the sort

Most badass character: MILLA????

Character I’d like as my BFF: MILLA and Ivar

Female Character I’d Marry: MILLA FUCKING MAXWELL

Male Character I’d Marry: Rowen

Character I hate/dislike/least like: Isla

Anonymous: top 3 GoT Characters? And why?

GoT has so many awesome character I’m not sure that I can answer this truthfully, haha.

But I know Sansa easily takes the first place spot because I love her character the most. I love that she’s strong and smart and despite the ~submissive~ traits everyone says ruins her, she was vengeful enough to try and kill Joffrey by pushing him from that bridge (too bad it didn’t happen). ALSO SEASON 4????? Idk, I just love her above all else.

Second is probably Cersei and Tyrion. I can’t pick one over the other, so both it is. I like them because they’re both intelligent (yet human, they’re capable of mistakes, like killing Tywin and blaming Tyrion for Joffrey’s death and stuff). I just love them a lot.

Third is probably Arya and/or Brienne because they’re badass.

TL;DR: The girls are my fave, period.

Anonymous: I suppose that does make sense. I still ship MakoHaru regardless, though, as well as MakoRin. I agree that we do need to see more development from Makoto and I'm glad he's been acting more like a captain this season, but I still like the ship regardless. It's not perfect and it has problems but when it's done right (and when people don't frame Makoto as this hopelessly love sick person whose whole life revolves around Haru) I think it can be really cute.

No problems anon. I have absolutely nothing against the shippers. Love MakoHaru? I’m happy for you, and I’m happy you get as much MakoHaru screentime as I get my RinHaru screentime. I don’t hate the ship, I just have serious problem getting into it.

And yes, I agree. I mean, I don’t ship MakoHaru, but it’s good to see you acknowledge its problems. There’s nothing wrong with liking something, but we should always acknowledge the problems.

(Which was the same for me with RinHaru in the first season. Much as I loved it in the first season, It did annoy me that Rin pretty much only interacted with Haru despite the fact that Makoto and Nagisa were his childhood friends as well and seriously didn’t deserve all the bite Rin’s thrown at them. But I still liked the ship, and I’m glad this issue’s been fixed in season 2. No ship is perfect, I wish all shippers would understand that and be more critic of the things they like and avoid stupid ship wars.)
Ans yes! I like Makoto’s interactions with Haru in the anime, I honestly do. I just prefer them as the good friends they are (I have trouble seeing them as more than just siblings, probably because my own relationship with my brother is very similar), but I want to see Makoto acting more as a captain and interacting with others.
(And yes, more MakoRin please! I can’t believe there was zilch MakoRin in first season and still not a whole lot in season 2! When are we going to see more of these awesome captains interacting???)

Anonymous: Couldn't you argue that Rin is very dependent on Haru as well though? I mean obviously in a different way, but it seemed to me like a lot of their issues were completely wrapped up in each other, Rin especially. Makoto started the swim club because he wanted to swim with Haru. Haru's abilities and passion for swimming inspired Makoto to want to swim with him again. That doesn't seem so different from what happened with Rin and Haru as well.

I don’t think so tbh. Rin had a goal before changing schools to swim with Makoto and Haru, and despite some people saying that Rin went to Iwatobi to swim with Haru specifically because of ~shipping~, they forget that nope, Rin went to Iwatobi because of his father, not because of Haru (the fact that he believed Haru and Makoto were good swimmers was one of the reasons, sure, but Rin’s father was the main reason). Rin had his own goal, went abroad to achieve such a goal and even after the clonfict with Haru (and the others) in first season, he still very much remains loyal to this goal, which isn’t a Haru related goal. Rin’s character development however, was dependent on Haru’s own character development. That is indeed true. But while the development line mingled and mixed in the first season, they were still different.

I don’t mind Makoto’s development line being mixed with Haru’s (in fact it would be weird if it wasn’t due to how close they are), I just want him to have his own objective and/or be driven by something other than just Haru. During the first season Makoto says he started the swimming club because of Haru and mentions everything he’s done so far was because of him and it would’ve been all meaningless without him. That kinda kills it for me. =/ Buuut in episode 03 of Eternal Summer, Makoto did want to stop Rei from leaving the club because he didn’t want Rei to leave, and not because it was somehow related to Haru in someway. I liked that a lot. I want to see more of Makoto doing things because he wants to, for himself, for others, for someone who isn’t Haru.

I do believe this will change in season 2 though. KyoAni’s already stated Makoto and Haru’s relationship will change (which I’m hoping will mean Mkaoto will interact more with others), and there’s been a lot of hints in the first 3 episodes of ES that Makoto is really concerned about his post HS future, aka actual character development, so I’m hopeful.

And that’s where I believe Makoto’s and Rin’s development differ. Both are entangled with Haru’s, but only Makoto’s is dependent on Haru. Rin swims for the Olympics, he’s building his own team because he wants to, he helped Rei because he felt grateful, he does things because he wants to. In that sense, when he’s so into other things that aren’t Haru based, it doesn’t really annoy me that he may have had character development in the first season that was mixed with Haru’s.

Anonymous: Can I ask why MakoHaru became a NOTP for you?

I didn’t mind it much at first, childhood friends are one of my favorite tropes after all. Though I wasn’t much into it either, I just thought the fanarts were cute, so I didn’t mind. But back when the first season was still going on, there was a lot of ship wars between MakoHaru fans and RinHaru fans. At first I ignored them, but after episode 7 things got intense and kinda ruined it for me because it was everywhere and the fans where hella obnoxious (not that RinHaru fans were saints either, both were wrong, ship wars are stupid, but MakoHaru fans overdid it a lot, especially when they started raiding the rinharu/sharkbait tag with ship hate).

But I’m not one to let the fandom affect me much. While the fandom diminished my interest in the ship greatly, it was episode 6 that killed that ship to me for sure because it showed how dependent Makoto’s character was on Haru (the character, not the person) and that’s just a big nope for me (I’ve explained this better here).

I like Makoto and Haru’s relationship, it’s obvious that they care for each other, I like how natural they are around each other and it’s obvious that they care a lot about each other. But I wish the anime would show more than just that. As long as it stays stagnant like this, it’ll remain a big NOTP for me.

Anonymous: Have you watched Bamboo Blade? It's a sports anime about a kendo team, and the focus is on the female members. It's really cute and funny, and not at all fanservicy.

Ooooh?? No, I haven’t heard of it, but you got me interested in “focus on female members”. I’ll definitely check it out!

Anonymous: Your Oofuri blogging reminds me of the time my friend wanted to make a Pokemon AU with those kids but she didn't know which Pokemon should be Mihashi's main one. I remember just staring at her and saying, "Meditite. They make the same damn face."

omg that’s adorable and yes, I agree!

I can also see Dunsparce because both are hopelessly cute haha

godsboundbyrules: That's not the first time they've done the three tone hair for Asch. I've seen it a few other times too. I've been curious as to why they don't gradient it either

It happens in the original anime game cutscenes too, but it just looks so weird. I always figured the anime cutscenes was because of the low budget, but since in (most) every other media his hair was gradient, like Luke’s, than it was okay and they were following the original concept art in which his hair uses gradient. But nope, even when there’s higher budget involved, we still see the 2/3 tones hair thing. It bothers me to be honest.

I mean, even the anime with its limited animation used gradient hair

Anonymous: What's your opinion on selfcest?

I’m not really a big fan, but don’t really mind people who are into it. I’m mostly indifferent. There are a few examples of it that maybe sorta fit selfcest (Asch/Luke? Big Boss/Snake? Or would that be clonecest?) that I like, but overall I don’t really care.

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Anonymous: It's called Neo Blue Breathing. The preview has the voice actors talking over it a lot but you can hear bits and piece of it. Tumblr user hydrangeas-in-the-sun reblogged the preview, if you wanna check it out (only post I could find).

Aaaah, thank you anon. I checked it out, it looks really good! It looks like it will be released with the Future Fish single, I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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Anonymous: Since you're reblogging MakoRinHaru, dis you know that there's apparentlly a character song for the three of them coming out?

lmao, noooo! Where can I find that? :’D

Anonymous: cant you just use those EV reducing berries? i feel like those would be easier. sorry if im wrong

You’re right as in, I can do that, but I personally don’t feel as though they’re practical. First I’d have to hunt for those berries, then wait for them to mature, plus it’d take a LOT of time and effort to harvest so many of those berries for all five Pokémon, so reset bags are much faster.

I mean, I’m just blowing things out of proportion. It’s not like I was gonna use those five reset bags anyway, I was saving them for emergency cases like this, sooooo now I just gotta farm more reset bags again. It’s just boring, but definitely worth a shiny.

Anonymous: why is a shiny showing up bad? sorry im new to pokemon

It’s not bad, a shiny is always good, I suppose.

But I was EV training 5 Pokémon at once, now I have to waste all my five reset bags on them and start ALL OVER AGAIN. And reset bags aren’t easy to come by, i’ve been trying to get the sixth all week and still no good.

Ugh, I get a headache just thinking about it. I’m happy for the shiny but right about now I’m just really pissed. I’m probably gonna be more happy about it tomorrow though.

ironinkpen: Ah, that issue is actually addressed later on! The anime hasn't covered it yet, since it just started and all, but the manga's dealt with it in full and it's pretty cool how they did! I don't wanna spoil anything for you, but that aspect of the whole "Oddball Duo" dynamic and Hinata's individuality as a player is definitely explored!!


I don’t really plan on reading the manga, but I’ll continue to watch the anime and I hope they show it soon because I’m really curious. I mean, I really, really love watching as Kageyama and Hinata play together but I also really want to watch how they do without each other. Kageyama looks like he wouldn’t have much trouble adjusting to anyone else’s play (like Asahi’s), buuuut I wonder about Hinata and I’m kinda hoping he gets miserable and humiliated before finding his own strength and getting over it I MEAN

ANYWAY, yes, that’s good to know, I’m definitely looking forward to it. <3