yeah, we seem to gloss over the fact that Snake and Otacon have been living together since MGS1...


And then I remember MGS4 and I want to cry because I just wanted Snake to have a happy life. I wonder if Otacon made those nine years more thrilling to Snake, like, what if Snake hadn’t partnered up with him? Would he live the same life? Or would he lock himself up in Alaska with dogs again?

And although Snake doesn’t ACTUALLY voice it, it was pretty obvious that his early aging affected his self steem, like how his stamina bar decreases in MGS4 when he sees himself in the mirror or when Meryl calls him old man… So I wonder if Sunny made him a bit happier about stuff going on at the time.



The animation of the girl singing in back lighting is from Space Dandy!

omg thank you! I shall download that immediately!

Hmmm, I don't think it's just about the last episode though, there was only interaction really in the first episode. I think people just had high hopes for this season since all sign said (seiyuu, official fanart etc) that you would get to see them together and rin with the others all friendly and stuff. I think that's more it. Because I do think it's great that Nagisa got this episode and there are important things coming and happening. But the disappointment is understandable atleast to me.

I can understand that, since I am included in the people who were DYING for the second season to start so we could finally get Rin and Haru (and honestly Rin and everyone) to interact on friendly terms.

But that’s hardly something to get frustrated over since:

1) season 1 was basically RinHaru

2) season 1 lacked a lot interaction between other characters (as of today’s episode, still lacking: Makoto and Rin; Rin and Nagisa; probably more I can’t remember atm)

3) Just like in season 1, the focus of the opening in season 2 is still on Rin and Haru’s (now friendly) rivalry, and they’re still connected to the main plot of season 2 (which also ties Sousuke to it)

4) Despite introducing two new characters, KyoAni has yet to flesh out Momotarou and Sousuke (one episode focused on Sousuke and Rin’s childhood does not flesh out a character)

and finally because (unfortunately), we’ve had mostly fillers so far but it looks like next week we’ll finally get back to the main plot, which is still Rin and Haru centered (and despite next week probably being a Makoto and Haru centered episode, the plot thickening in it will mean we’ll get back to Rin and Haru afterwards).

Also if you think about it, last season was much the same with the Rin and Haru interaction really only deepening after episode 6 and with only a tiny bit of interaction in episode 1 and their meeting in episode 4 in the store and that was it.

But people are flooding the RinHaru tag with desappointment over something we should’ve had since season 1 for the sake of shipping and that’s just not acceptable.

I thought I read somewhere that Lailah was supposed to be like an older female character? I've been trying to not read too much ToZ info (since I don't want to be spoiled on everything before playing the game) but I mean "older" as in her appearance, like with Cruxis in ToS or something. Which if that's true, then her voice seems like they are trying to hard to keep a cutesy childish tone while still making her seem older? idk

She does seem older, but honestly, even if she’s Alisha’s and Sorey’s age, her voice still sounds horrible. Honestly, the forced high-pitch is the least of my worries since that’s mostly a personal preference and I’m really not into high-pitched voices, but it still doesn’t change the fact that her VA has no emotion or different intonation in her voice while speaking. It sounds like she’s reading the script without feeling a single thing. It sounds horrible tbh.

Unless this is a case similar to Minae Noji (Milla) in which the lack of emotions was part of the character, then I have no idea why Lailah’s voice is the way it is. I’m really hoping this will get fixed with the English dub.

Ms. Greenhair is Norn from the Narikiri Dungeon games!

The Narikiri Dungeon series is that sequel to Phantasia… right?

pretty sure she's from tales of link??

Probably, since I don’t remember her from any of the mothership titles. Wish I knew her name though. D:

I see thank you for such an insightful reply. If your anatomy is horrendous, then how do you do your art? 0.0

first you sell your soul

Hahaha, jk, I mean, I often see a bunch of tutorials and reference online and then try and draw something accordingly. It’s tough sometimes and other times I give up because I just can’t get it right, but I guess practice makes perfect. I just try not to let failures get over my head.

How long did it take you to learn the Anatomy for drawing?

Hmm, well, my anatomy is still horrendous and the only life drawing classes I had in life were the ones I attended to during my first semester at college in 2008. I did feel they helped me improve a lot, but I still feel as though I still have a lot to learn, especially with back and legs. I’m still learning tbh. ^^

I'm sick of reading trash talk about Sousuke on Tumblr, so can you ... just explain why you like him? That would ease my mind a little, haha!

My best advice is to ignore the hate. Different characters will attract different people in the fandom, and different people will enjoy different things. I would like for everyone to love Sousuke too, but we’re all just human after all.

Tbh, before the second season kicked in and all we knew about him was that uncolored concept art, I didn’t really care much about him. Coupled with the rumors I had been hearing that he would not get along well with Haru… I admit I started getting worried about what the addition of this one character could change in the relationships and personalities of these characters that I already adored (Iwatobi Guys + Matsuoka siblings).

Unlike the rest of the fandom, after Sousuke showed up in the preview of the first ES episode, I didn’t really freak out that Sousuke and Rin could fight (before episode 2 was released, a lot of people thought the scene where they exchange nice handshakes was a fight), because I was too worried thinking about what he could change in the story that had already been resolved in the first season. I wouldn’t mind if the addition of Sousuke brought around a new problem and a new fix, but I was worried it would bring around the same problems presented in the first season to try and fix something that had already been closed.

Buuuut alas, all my worries were for naught (thankfully!) because Sousuke is a really nice, smart guy who really cares about Rin and Gou and I really like that. It’s obvious that Sousuke gets upset about Rin’s friendship with the Iwatobi guys (who wouldn’t?) because it can interfere in his professional future, but he respects Rin’s decision anyway (well, mostly) and is there to support him.

Sousuke may take that onto his own hands (as he did in episode 2 with Haru), but it’s clear that he only has Rin’s best interests in mind. I understand how some people may see this as him being an asshole… but I consider his actions asshole-ish, not himself, and that’s why I love him so much. He’s passionate about swimming, just as much as Rin and Haru are, but he got his own beliefs and convictions and that’s so interesting imo. I believe it was about time we had a character that thinks differently.

Personally I’m not too fond of KyoAni using Rin as Sousuke’s motivation to do what he did, I would personally have preferred if Sousuke’s problems with Haru had been less Rin-centered, but at the very least so far, Sousuke has been a great, independent character that stands on his own and I’m really, REALLY loving that. <3

Plus so many nice and sweet and cute and awesome SouRin moments abububu, MY HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS. *dies*

Oh! I forgot to mention it earlier in our conversation because it slipped my mind, but Zaveid (the shirtless dude) is actually designed by Minoru Iwatamoto! His style's kind of similar to Okumura's, but something about the way he draws and colors his characters seems "peppier" to me; there's definitely a more cutesy feel to his concept art. It's probably the darker lines and brighter colors, and the eyes too. Even Zaveid looks kinda moe in his concept art thanks to the eyes, lmao

Woah, I could swear it was an Okumura design because of the way he colored it. Did that guy design other characters in past Tales of games or is it his first time working in a Tales of game?

Things we learned in today's episode: Sousuke sucks at rock-paper-scissors and he's trying to understand the power of friendship.


I’m sure there are other things Sousuke is good at sucking at IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

Does someone here said, Kaleido Star? They aired it in my country, and I really loved it!!!



Kaleido Star is hella awesome!

For the fandom thing, do mass effect aaaand tales of xillia?

Certainly! <3

Mass Effect:

Favourite Female: SO MANY ASDFGHJKL; But I really have to go with FemShep because she isn’t just a nice character, she’s inspiring. I really do love her above anyone else. She’s someone that means so much to me, clichéd as it sounds. ;u;

Favourite Male: GARRUS FUCKING VAKARIAN. No joke, when I started playing ME and was a total noob who didn’t know anything about the series (I didn’t even know you could romance other characters), I was talking to a friend of mine who had played about how, the moment I saw Garrus for the first time, when he was still just a plain Citadel security guard, befoe even dreaming of joining the party, I paused the game and took a picture and sent my friend the picture saying “I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM, WHAT DO I DO??” he replied with “don’t romance anyone in the first game and you can date his ass in 2” and I kid you not, I fangirled loudly. It doesn’t help that once you do get to know Garrus and he joins the party, he’s an absolute adorable dork.

3 Other Favourite Characters: Liara because precious bby and also really badass, Tali because of her loyalty/confidence and finally captain Anderson because shiiiit, he made me cry a lot in all games, he’s so fucking precious oh lord.

3 OTPs: FShep/Garrus; FShep/Liara and (F)Shep/Tali

Notp: FShep/Kaidan. I know it’s strong and they’re almost canon, but I have a hard time seeing them more than siblings for some reason.

Funniest character: JAVIK OH LORD

Prettiest character: Liara is the cutest

Most Annoying Character: It took me a long time to like Kaidan, so him I guess. I do like him better now.

Most badass character: Fshep, no questions


Female Character I’d Marry: FShep

Male Character I’d Marry: Garrus

Character I hate/dislike/least like: Henry Lawson. Miranda’s dad is horrible

Tales of Xillia

Favourite Female: MILLA, SHE’S THE QUEEN OF MY HEART. She was my favorite from when the game was still in its production stage and I wasn’t disappointed with the final game, she’s still perfection and I love her to death

Favourite Male: Gaius. I can’t explain how awesome an antagonist and a parallel to Milla (and by extension, Jude), he is. I just love him lots.

3 Other Favourite Characters: Leia, Rowen and Jude because all precious bbys

3 OTPs: MILLA/JUDE LIKE BUUUURNING. But also Jude/Gaius and Agria/Leia

Notp: Jude/Leia. Sorry, Leia is too precious, she deserves better than some stupid childhood crush that hindered her


Prettiest character: Elize <3

Most Annoying Character: Wingul gets on my nerves sometimes, but I don’t really hate him or anything of the sort

Most badass character: MILLA????

Character I’d like as my BFF: MILLA and Ivar

Female Character I’d Marry: MILLA FUCKING MAXWELL

Male Character I’d Marry: Rowen

Character I hate/dislike/least like: Isla

top 3 GoT Characters? And why?

GoT has so many awesome character I’m not sure that I can answer this truthfully, haha.

But I know Sansa easily takes the first place spot because I love her character the most. I love that she’s strong and smart and despite the ~submissive~ traits everyone says ruins her, she was vengeful enough to try and kill Joffrey by pushing him from that bridge (too bad it didn’t happen). ALSO SEASON 4????? Idk, I just love her above all else.

Second is probably Cersei and Tyrion. I can’t pick one over the other, so both it is. I like them because they’re both intelligent (yet human, they’re capable of mistakes, like killing Tywin and blaming Tyrion for Joffrey’s death and stuff). I just love them a lot.

Third is probably Arya and/or Brienne because they’re badass.

TL;DR: The girls are my fave, period.

I suppose that does make sense. I still ship MakoHaru regardless, though, as well as MakoRin. I agree that we do need to see more development from Makoto and I'm glad he's been acting more like a captain this season, but I still like the ship regardless. It's not perfect and it has problems but when it's done right (and when people don't frame Makoto as this hopelessly love sick person whose whole life revolves around Haru) I think it can be really cute.

No problems anon. I have absolutely nothing against the shippers. Love MakoHaru? I’m happy for you, and I’m happy you get as much MakoHaru screentime as I get my RinHaru screentime. I don’t hate the ship, I just have serious problem getting into it.

And yes, I agree. I mean, I don’t ship MakoHaru, but it’s good to see you acknowledge its problems. There’s nothing wrong with liking something, but we should always acknowledge the problems.

(Which was the same for me with RinHaru in the first season. Much as I loved it in the first season, It did annoy me that Rin pretty much only interacted with Haru despite the fact that Makoto and Nagisa were his childhood friends as well and seriously didn’t deserve all the bite Rin’s thrown at them. But I still liked the ship, and I’m glad this issue’s been fixed in season 2. No ship is perfect, I wish all shippers would understand that and be more critic of the things they like and avoid stupid ship wars.)
Ans yes! I like Makoto’s interactions with Haru in the anime, I honestly do. I just prefer them as the good friends they are (I have trouble seeing them as more than just siblings, probably because my own relationship with my brother is very similar), but I want to see Makoto acting more as a captain and interacting with others.
(And yes, more MakoRin please! I can’t believe there was zilch MakoRin in first season and still not a whole lot in season 2! When are we going to see more of these awesome captains interacting???)