Headcanon: the Pope totally made good use of Regal while he was in prison and stuffed his ass with giant purple dildos day and night.

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I was rewatching The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I realized that Kevin Kline was the voice of Phoebus. Kevin Kline also voiced Tulio in The Road to El Dorado.

This has led me to conclude that Phoebus

is the father of Miguel.

Miguel fell in love with Tulio, in part because of the voice that reminded him of his dad’s

and, as we all know, Miguel and Tulio had a son

but Tulio also had a fling with Chel

that resulted in this:

That is my headcanon and no one can take it from me.

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where did u find this out, and aww nothing on if hubert finally got pascel to understand that he loved her

Well, these are all just my headcanons for it, so nothing is official. xD My headcanon for Hubert and Pascal’s relationship is that in the end, Hubert didn’t even have to make her understand, she did it on her own. After finishing her plans for Fendel, she went back to the Amarcian Enclave to think about what to do next. She spent a few months there helping Fourier with… their genius stuff, but then she got an invite from Strahta’s president to help them expand Yu Liberte. To do that though, they’d need more eleth from the Valkines and no one understood them better than Pascal. She showed up immediately at Hubert’s place and stayed there, whether he was against it or not. But living in the same house, you know, one thing led to another. Hubert was surprised he didn’t even need to make any advances, Pascal did it all on her own. Before he knew it, they were living together.

Tales of Graces headcanons

I’ll update these as I remember more, but for now, here are my headcanons (as requested by Pico):

Lineage and Legacies ending spoilers

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Huh.. never really thought much about him, so I just thought these all up right now, lol.

  1. This is a craky one. But I love it too much not to share it: Duke is an alternative (genderbender) version of Selvaria. If you don’t know who she is, it’s this woman:
    Not only do they wear similar clothing with a similar color palette (black, red and gold), they also have the same physical appearance (silver hair, red eyes) and pretty much the same personality (they both were dead set on their objectives and would sacrifice anything to see them through (and end up becoming somewhat intrigued/attached to the main party); they’re both lonesome figures, distant from mostly everyone around them, they kick ass in battle, and they’re both the major antagonist of their respective game). Also, let’s not forget the Vesperia world and universe is, at a certain degree, based on Germany. Selvaria comes from the Empire, which is also based on Germany. Too bad Selvaria doesn’t have any Squirrel friends though. D’: Not that I’m aware of, at least. xD Does Squad 7’s porcavian counts?
  2.  Duke often spends a long time looking at the sky thinking about Elucifer and what it would have been like if he was still alive and by his side. Would he have hated humanity? Stayed by their side? How would that have affected Duke’s life? Then he realizes dwelling on the past won’t do him any good and move on, even more set on sacrificing humanity to save the world.
  3. Elucifer could also take on a human form, in the same way Khroma could (well, krytian in her case, maybe krytian for him too since entelexeia and krytian seem to have special connections?). Duke got interested in Khroma because she reminded him of Elucifer.
For the headcanon thing, Luke/Tear!

End game spoilers~

  1. After the end of the game, Tear still went to Tataroo Valley every year to sing the Grand Fonic Hymn on the day Luke/Asch came back. She’d sing to Yulia asking her to let Ion and her brother have a peaceful rest, but mostly, to thank her for bringing Luke back.
  2. After coming back, Luke almost never stopped at home (he’d still come back every few months to calm his mother). He’d constantly travel to Grand Chokmah (to supervise and help Jade on building an adjacent city for the surviving replicas, as well as Jade’s research on building the ethic grounds and citizenship for the replicas), Daath (to help Anise with her Fon Master training), Chesedonia (to help Astor with maintaining Chesedonia as an autonomous state and improving their alliance and import/export around the world), and also yulia City, where he’d usually help Tear and Theodoro. When Theodoro passed away, Tear took his place and Luke started to rent a house to live there since he’d start to spend more time in there. He’d stay in his house when he was in Yulia city and then give it back to the owner whenever Tear and him managed to work everything right, and rent it back after a few months when the problems started rising up in the city again and Tear needed help. In the end, the owner just gave him the house and he moved in. After a while, he realized they could make work move much faster if they started living together, so Tear moved in as well.
  3. And one more for after the end of the game (this one takes into consideration that end-game!Luke is actually Luke and Asch): Asch sometimes gains conscience on the body they’re sharing, it happens unconsciously and neither of them can control it. Because they started living together in the same body and having the same habits, it wasn’t particularly hard for Asch to pretend he was still Luke in front of everyone. However, he’d avoid Tear at all costs afraid of doing something Luke wouldn’t - he doesn’t care if Luke (or rather himself now) gets hurt, but he wouldn’t want to make Tear suffer because of their problem. Does that make sense? I’m not sure I can explain this too well. xD

Damn woman, that’s a hard one! xD Haven’t played P3 in an entire year, don’t remember much, but I’ll try! 8D

  1. I honestly believe Ryoji is in love with Minato without even realizing it (I back this one up with the fact that Ryoji stated in Minako’s route that he’d have loved her whether she had been born a girl or a boy). I think so because as the Death living inside Minato, Ryoji only ever had contact with Minato himself. Everything he learned about humans, he learned because Minato (without knowing, of course), taught him. So as Death, he listened to the music Minato liked listening to. He watched the same movies, read the same books. He borrowed from Minato his morals, most of his personality, everything. So when Ryoji was given birth, he’d constantly be surprised by having the same likes and dislikes as Minato, which made him want to spend even more time with him, to learn even more about this man who seemed so much like himself. Eventually it turned into platonic love, then crush, and by the time he recovered his memories when Aigis assaulted him, he was already irrevocably in love with the human who gave him birth.
  2. As Thanatos, he’s really passionate and overprotective of Minato without even realizing it, sorta like a master and servant. Thanatos’ connection with Minato’s runs as deep as Orpheus’.
  3. As death, he used to think bringing humans to their eternal rest was a gift, not a dreadful thing. After spending 10 years inside Minato, he started to change his point of view slightly. His greatest regret was not being able to save Minato from death. However, he was glad he at least managed to make Minato go without pain, in a peaceful way.


  1. They can unconsciously feel what the other is feeling sometimes. Asch was able to control their communication network thing over the fon slots, but never really managed to completely shut or open it at will. So sometimes, when Luke had nightmares about Akzeriuth, Asch would wake up scared, sweaty, cursing Luke for having such nightmares. Deep down though, he actually felt bad for him.
  2. Every time Luke and Asch managed to meet each other (and spit curses at each other, obviously), he’d always pout and over think after Asch was gone. He’d constantly rant to Guy about never managing to get Asch on their side, or ask him if he had said something wrong to make Asch leave yet again (sorta like the Beast in Beauty and the Beast? Like, the Beast constantly asks the servants why isn’t Belle . Guy never knew what to say, so he’d just laugh it off and say “That’s Asch for you”.
  3. The third one is big. And it’s spoilery. I should write a fic about it, pffft. You can read it in details here.
Presea Combatir



  1. She never actually hated Regal, because deep down she knew that would be something her sister would ask him to do, and she was in fact, glad Alicia died before things got worse and she had lost her entire humanity. But even though she knew that, it was easier for her to pretend to hate Regal because that was the only way she could vent out her frustration in a coherent way. But in actually, she was really more angry at herself for not being there in the first place to help avoiding it from happening. Taking it out on Regal was just easier to cope with. She eventually let the anger die and got over it, which allowed her to have a decent relationship with Regal.
  2. After helping rescue Colette, hearing her stories during the night around the fire, getting to know Colette more, Presea started seeing her sister in the chosen. She got very attached to Colette and super protective of her, because in her mind, Colette was the Alicia she couldn’t protect.
  3. After the end of the game, she started living with Regal since she couldn’t return to Ozette (and he wanted to make it up to her somehow). There, Regal set a nice workshop somewhere in his mansion just for her. She’d spend nights awake just crafting all sort of things, from cute dolls to deadly hammers. Regal would sometimes watch her working. It didn’t bother her and sometimes she’d ask him if he was interested in her work and if he wanted to learn how to do it. Regal actually learned some nice stuff he’d never dreamed about. In the end Presea took him as an apprentice in hammer/axe making, though she’d only let him work on basic weapons. After sometime (a few years, maybe?) they crafted together Presea’s most powerful Axe. They baptized it the Alicia.
How about Asch? :3

asdfghjkl; Asch! <3 Okay, here it comes.

  1. While training in Daath, Asch never really considered any of the priests or fellow members in training his friends, but he was still very attached to the people in the cathedral. He really enjoyed cooking with the people in the kitchen (which is how he learned to cook so well), he enjoyed learning from his superiors and helping with the training of those under him (and even though he’d never say it, he enjoyed it). He seriously looked up to Van, who tried to make him a God-general from an early age, but Asch refused every time and only accepted when he thought he was good enough to be one.
  2. Sometimes he’d dream about Natalia and Guy. He’d wake up the next morning wondering how they looked like now. Then he’d remember his mother and how frail she was and wonder if she was doing well. He’d ask Van casually sometimes how things were doing in the manor.
  3. Once he started traveling with the Dark Wings and Ginji, even though he never talked much with them, he liked listening to their chatting. Noir would usually tease Ginji and the others would laugh. He would then remember he wouldn’t have them by their side forever and would look out Albiore’s window into the distance, lost in his own thoughts.

My personal headcanon concerning Saphir Ortion Gneiss and Dist the Reaper.


If you have questions, feel free to ask. If you’d like to debate, feel more than welcome~.

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I love this so, so much.

No.6 Headcanons


1) Nezumi and Sion would never have sex because Nezumi thinks that Sion is going to lose his virginity to Safu and thus he doesn’t want to ruin Sion’s promise. 

2) Even if they were under the stereotypical yaoi labels of uke and seme, they would both be seke because Sion would want to please Nezumi. 



Oh! Oh! Yuri/Flynn? XD

Yuri waits until it’s really late in the night and makes sure everyone’s already sleeping to sneak out of the inn and go see Flynn every time they meet in their journey (like in Capua Nor and in Mantaic). It always ends up in sex however, much to Yuri’s satisfaction and Flynn’s embarassment.