pokeddexy day 3: favorite dragon type

CUTE PSYCHIC DRAGON AIRPLANES WITH RETRACTABLE FORELIMBS will always hold a special place in my heart

I just received this message through Pixiv from the artist かずか. I didn’t use google translate, they sent me the message already in English.

Early this morning I sent many artists a PM saying the tumblr user ephemeral-song was using their art without their consent. I tried contacting her through asks (which you can see here that she got annoyed by being told to stop what she was doing) for two days telling her why editing fanart isn’t right, but she shrugged it away by saying that if she gives credit back it’s not stealing and if the artist didn’t want their work used, they shouldn’t post it in the internet either, implying it’s the artist’s fault that their work get stolen.

Giving credit back is NOT an excuse to reuse, modify or alter a fanart in any way.

If you want to know more about why editing fanart is NOT okay, please read the following:

Dear people who take Pixiv art and edit/render it

Reaction to Pixiv Developments

Online Fanarts Protection

I honestly can’t understand why people think it’s okay to edit fanart. It’s not and artists don’t like it.

How can you help?

Even if you don’t edit fanart, help by simply not reblogging edited fanart you see. That’s simple. If you want to help further, tell the editor to please stop. That’s it.

EDIT: OKAY. I just noticed this suddenly got a lot of attention and people are sending ephemeral-song hate. This was never my intention by make her fanart editing habits public. Sending her hate doesn’t make it any better than what she does, it’s still bullying. If you want to report her, contact tumblr staff and/or pixiv management team and talk to them about it, but don’t send her hate. That’s no better and you’re just wasting your time. Thank you everyone for the support, but that’s not the way to go about it.

Contact Tumblr staff

Contact Pixiv management team