some digital doodles i made recently!


King N doodles!


i got Clip Studio Paint while it was 20 bucks last weekend, it’s really fun.

Btw this is the last 14 or so hours to sign up for »Oras Countdown!!


colour palette stuff part 1 (poke version) 


Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day


I did 4 today! Gosh it really IS fun! Though the Aaron one was hard because the palette didn’t have his colours! Nice challenge though!

I’m not doing these in any particular order so feel free to send more ideas!

Thanks for requesting!



Makes the bed in the mornings: Both, I think it’d just be part of their morning routines.

Has sole posession of the T.V. remote: Both, but N wouldn’t really wanna see any pokémon tournaments because it’d just remind him of human cruelty, so Hilbert doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable. Tho they somestimes try watching them. Mostly they’d agree with the channels.

Stays up until 2am reading: Maybe N, perhaps he spent nights back in his room staying up late with pokémon and thinking of stuff, and the habit stayed. Hilbert would fall asleep faster.

Is the bigger cuddler: Both, they’re just big cuddlers ;D

Does the laundry: Hmmm, would N know how to use the machine or separate certain clothes? Maybe they’d do them together, with Hilbert in charge as he’d have helped his mom often back home.

Mows the lawn: Both, trying to figure out how the lawnmower works and give up and use pokémon instead.

Is better at budgeting: Hmmm, depends, I can’t see either of them running a household with passion. N wouldn’t value money that much, but also would not be after material stuff, while Hilbert would have learnt to save during his journey, but also would be one to spend money more especially on traveling. I don’t think either of them would really stress over budget though.

Instigates the sex (and who’s into the kinkier stuff): Both, when they feel like it~


twitter dood part 4