”Happy Easter, ya little ankle-biter.”

Happy Easter, everyone!

Jack’s watching this all unfold and it’s heartbreaking, because he knows it’s his fault.


I wanted to mess around with Elsa’s color scheme. I wanted to see her as a brunette and boom the curiosity gave birth to this ROTG AU alksjd

I love how Tooth looks at Jack with an awed expression after he successfully manages to entertain Sophie. 

Plus you can't forget the adorable pout she makes.




Favorite DreamWorks 'dorky' adorable pairings.

Okay…I really wanted to share this. To be honest I’ve never been so much into pairings or romantic couples or movies.

What I really love about Dreamworks is that they show how a relationship grows between them. From earning respect and trust to admiration and love. 

Plus, they’re complete OPPOSITES! And I really love couples who have complete opposite traits like Dorky/Pretty. Softy/Hardcore. With these differences they complete each other and maintain such wonderful balance.


I‘ve read →    several days ago and I couldn’t help imagining this!!! 

"Bunny and Jack fought while they were helping North send the X’mas gifts and they lost them."

SO… >;3 

My fellow Guardians, it is our job to watch over the children of the world, and keep them safe. To bring wonder, hope, and dreams, and so I have called us all here for one reason and one reason only. The children are in danger. An enemy we have kept at bay for centuries has finally decided to strike back. We alone can stop him.