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[「世界の為に、」 ]


my top nine tales of ladies

Favorite Tales CHARACTER DESIGNS  (人´∀`*)


Scan of the cover of Tales of TV manga

You had me at “Tales of”

I think I found my favorite Tales related entry in TVtropes

Poor Communication Kills:

"About half of everything bad that happens in Tales of Symphonia or Tales of the Abyss could be averted if not for the characters’ refusal to explain certain things in order to keep certain information from the player, even when it is extremly obvious and logical that they should do so. The general hierarchy of screwedness is as follows:

  • "Don’t worry about it" - You should be very worried.
  • "It’s not important" - It’s extremely important.
  • "It’s nothing." - It’s definitely something. And said something is a thing that needs to be shared with the rest of the group. Now.
  • "But could that mean?… No, impossible." - Yes it does and no it’s not.
  • "I’ll tell you later." - They’ll tell you after a sizeable portion of the world’s population has died as a result of them not sharing this information."


didnt rly study for my midterms


Tales of Asteria characters


Jade, Rutee, and Reala in Tales of Asteria.

Saving a still of this beautiful man because I can.


Tales of. Getting more shiny and less chibi with each game.


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" Tales of " Series Dress Up Collection Part 2


Oh, I never noticed this. It’s Natalia!