Hey friends, I’ve been looking real hard where I can, but some help would be seriously appreciated
Does anyone know where I can find a bow like this under $100 ; H; Doesn’t have to be high quality, just the same shape and color…and not plastic


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[「世界の為に、」 ]


Wait hold on, why can volcanoes even exist on Auldrant?

The core is full of memory particles, the Qliphoth is mostly miasma, and even if the space between the two could somehow contain magma, how could it get to the Outer Lands, where Zaleho is located and active for a great many years?  The Outer Lands might be able to hold magma, but how deep are they? And since the Outer Lands were lifted from the Qliphoth in the Dawn Age, would that not mean that the magma would have existed above the miasma?  Considering both are liquid, how were the two separated?

It’s been forever since I played Abyss so I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure there’s something in the game explaining how the magma from Volcanoes flow from the Qliphoth to the Outer Lands through the Sephiroths. The magma likely exists beneath the sea of Miasma found in the Qliphoth. We do know the planet has a core (since the party even goes there) and two outer layers, so it could easily reside between the core and the first layer.

The miasma exists in both liquid and gas form (that’s why Yulia city, the only inhabited city in the Qliphoth needs the glass barrier to protect it’s people and the air inside from getting infected). It’s likely the miasma and the magma never touched at all, so there was no need to get them separated. The magma resides beneath the crust between the core and the liquid miasma, much like it would in normal life.

If the first wave of miasma escaping from the core of the planet was gas and later turned into liguid to form the sea, that would explain why they never touched at all.


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