i started playing tales of the abyss and i got to this and i just

this game predates The Dark Knight by nearly two years but still

fuck it i’m going to bed


Mystic arte cut-ins of Tales of the Abyss cast representatives in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

I forgot that I had these ripped from the game sometime ago. They’re unfortunately really tiny, but here goes!


The voice actress who plays Natalia, Stephanie Sheh, is going to voice Sailor Moon in the new English dub, so I had the sudden urge to draw this! I present to you….

Auldrant Moon Princess Natalia! 

If only we knew the names of the other planets in Auldrant’s solar system, I could turn the other Abyss cast into her Sailor Senshi.

There’s a lot of untagged NSFW content in the Tales of the Abyss tag atm, just wanted to warn anyone that tracks/visits the tag.


Tales of + female protagonists 


Old drawing.


Tales of Fanatore ( I◡I )

Characters:Ludger Will Kresnik,Luke Fon Fabre,Asbel Lhant,Yuri Lowell.

*Best picture I have seen ^^*


"I suppose nothing would. 
What has already happened cannot be changed.
Regrets only come after events are finished.
Regret... after regret."
- Jade Curtiss [Asch the Bloody Volume 2]


Except they’re not both little girls. Arietta is sixteen.

And Arietta wasn’t shy, she didn’t know how to interact at all with other people because she was raised by monsters


Tales of the Abyss: Mystic Artes Part 1/2


Tales of the Abyss: Mystic Artes Part 2/2


By へいわ

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